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The ultimate protection ritual bath. Hand made with protection intent, luxurious essential oils and natural products. These glass tubes are filled with positive and protective energy, made by our resident witches. Containing Ravensara, which is strongly protective and cleansing and can be used for healing work. It can be used to clear the mind and help focus on magical intent. It promotes courage and helps overcome anxieties and fears. Also included is volcanic black salt, which is literally 'the salt of the earth', black will absorb negative energies while the minerals in the salt will soothe your muscles and mind. Of course this bottle would not be complete without protective sage, to cast out bad energy and protect against psychic attacks. Also included is Caraway seed. Caraway seeds are typically used as a protective and healing curio. It is a powerful herb and will keep you safe from illness and harm.  Its other powers are that it ensures fidelity, repels negativity, improves memory, protects, attracts love, and increases passion and sensuality. Also included is essential oil of Frankincense which is used to call on spirits, as an offering to gods, protection and cleansing. If you feel you need protection, this is really as good as it gets!  

Weighs approx 100g

Protection Ritual Bath Salts

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